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What are the legalities involved in this process?
Our Fairy Godmother works with some of the most highly respected and well-versed attorneys in the field of alternative reproduction. We will assist in the selection of an attorney for intended parents and egg donors.


How does the medical process of egg donation work?
Our Fairy Godmother works with renowned physicians in the field of assisted reproduction. Our staff works directly with the fertility clinics to coordinate and facilitate the process of egg donation, including full medical screening of the donor.


What are the agency fees?
Our professional services are billed as per our fee schedule. We offer 2 different fee Options (Packages). Options  vary to  include the following:  Agency Fee Legal Contracts for Termination of Parental Rights Agreement for the Intended Parents and Donor, Donor Accidental Life/Health Insurance Policy, Psychological Screening, Fund Management Fee, and Miscellaneous expenses for the donor to attend appointments. For donors who require Air Travel, there are Additional Travel Expenses which include: airfare for the donor and her companion, hotel, transportation, meals, childcare, satellite monitoring blood work and ultrasound prior to the donor and her companion traveling for the egg retrieval. See our fee schedule for a complete list at

There are multiple factors that can increase or decrease the total cost for the intended parents which depend on the fees of the individual fertility clinics and are not part of our fee schedule. Our fees do not include donor reimbursement as well as any treatment or medications for the intended parents or donors and these should be discussed and determined with the clinic directly.


What is the process like, and how long does it take?

If you have not yet registered on our website, please go to and complete our secure form “Becoming an Egg Donor Recipient”. We will then issue you a username and password by email with full, free access to our entire database of donor profiles and photos.

After browsing our online donor database, intended parents select potential egg donors, and retain Our Fairy Godmother services. The next step is to narrow the number of potential donors, finally choosing one donor with whom to proceed. The process can take a matter of days or weeks, depending on each individual case. We also offer a complimentary one hour telephone or Skype webcam consult (click here to download Skype free ) to review the entire donation process, and help you with your donor selection.

Once you have made your choice, you will be emailed a Client Fee Agreement, Estimate, Invoice and other necessary consents to facilitate retaining our services and matching with your chosen donor. Once the agreement has been signed and returned to us and we have received the intended parents retainer and funds and Client Fee Agreement we will then contact their clinic informing them of your donor choice and sending them your donor complete profile and previous medical records and one photo.

The donor is then comprehensively screened medically by their fertility clinic and we undertake the psychological screening, a process that usually takes two to four weeks. Only your physician can approve the donor once he or she has completed the donor screening. FDA requires all donors to have infectious disease screening performed prior to each egg retrieval. Once this is complete, and the intended parents have fully funded the Escrow account with the donors expenses, the intended parents enter into a contract with the egg donor and we initiate the Termination of Parental Rights Agreements. This process takes another two weeks on average. The donor will begin her medications, a process lasting approximately two weeks, culminating in egg retrieval. The embryos are then ready for transfer to a surrogate or the intended mother or surrogate, or the embryos may be frozen for use at a later time.


What kind of guidance does Our Fairy Godmother provide?
Based on almost three decades of experience, Our Fairy Godmother manages each case personally guiding you through the entire process from beginning to end. We handle all the donor’s needs, including medical, physical and psychological. Our Fairy Godmother will also assist the donor as a liaison to the medical doctor.


What kind of testing and support does Our Fairy Godmother offer donors and future parents?
All donors undergo PAI psychological testing. We conduct psychometric testing (PAI) and if requested, donors may be required to complete the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) for an additional cost. Additional psychological services are offered for intended parents upon request.


If I choose a donor from Our Fairy Godmother, can I still use my own doctor?
ANSWER: Yes. After you choose a donor, she can be sent to any qualified fertility specialist/clinic of your choice to proceed with the required medical treatment.

Are most of the donors in your registry University (College) educated?
ANSWER: Yes, the majority of donors in Our Fairy Godmother database are University (College) educated or currently attending college. GPA’ scores are included in each donor’s profile and, for an additional fee, IQ testing is available.

What are the ages of the donors in your agency?
ANSWER: Our donors are between the ages of 21 & 30 years old. ASRM Guidelines allow for donors to donate up to 6 times up to the age of 34.

Are your donors medically screened?
ANSWER: All of our donors are thoroughly screened for communicable diseases in accordance with the FDA/ ASRM and when applicable the country where the donation and transfer will take place if outside of the US by your fertility specialist at the beginning of every cycle. Your fertility clinic will request and conduct all the testing they require by law. Our Fairy Godmother is not a medical clinic and cannot order tests to be conducted. Those tests can only be ordered by a licensed physician.